Shino Hajime Intimate Classroom
"It'd be nice if there were an empty place I could practice my vocalization skills..."
Location: Music Room
Area Touched Response Result
Left Shoulder You're saying I can practice with you too...? Thank you! Happy
Head あ、あの・・・・・・ ぼくに用ですか? えっ、心当たりがあるんですね! Good
Torso わっ、転校生さん!ぶつかってしまいました、大丈夫ですか・・・・・・? OK
Best Choice: Left Shoulder

Hajime Shino Intimate Event Lockers Area
"How about we go see how the flowers are doing today?"
Location: Lockers Area
Area Touched Response Result
Head It'd be nice if they are blooming beautifully Happy
Chest ふふ、早く見にいきましょう。

Fufu, let's go see them right away.

Left Hand Waah! ...I-I'm sorry. What is it? Okay
Best Choice: Head

Hajime Shino Intimate Event Dance Room
"I got worried about how I might fail at the next concert..."
Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Ahaha, that tickles... ♪ But, I had a little fun. Happy
Arms なるほど、手に『人』の文字を書いて飲むといいんですね?

I see, so I should write the character for "person" on my hand, swallow it, and it should be fine?

Head すみません、先輩まで心配にさせてしまいましたね・・・・・・

I'm sorry, I even made you worry, senpai...

Best Choice: Chest