Eichi Tenshouin intimate event classroom
"I’m in good condition today, and I’m pretty much finished up with my work for the student council, too. Could I ask for your help with producing today?"
Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Shoulder "What’s wrong? Do you not want to produce me?" OK
Arm The other students are also looking forward to your production, could you ask them to prioritize? Happy
Best Choice: Arm

Eichi Tenshouin intimate event dance room
"I pushed all the jobs on Keito to join your producing session. So, shall we start with some warming up?"
Location: Dance room
Area Touched Response Result
Head "I'm sorry. I think I'm a little dizzy." OK
Arm "Fufu, suprisingly I'm not that fragile right? Even so, I lost some weight because I was hospitalized." Happy
Best Choice: Arm

Eichi Tenshouin intimate event Garden
"Being outside in the sun, surrounded by flowers... I feel good by being in the academy."
Location: Garden Space
Area Touched Response Result
Left arm "Fufu, quite the attention seeker, aren't you? Since everyone takes care of me, they end up being distant, so I'm happy with this. (ふふっ かまってちゃんだね?みんな、僕に気を使って距離をとってしまうから嬉しいよ)" Happy
Head 陽光に当たって温かさを感じると、生きている実感がするんだ。 Good
Chest あまり長時間外に出ているのも、僕にとってはあまりよくない。そろそろ屋内に戻ろうか。 OK
Best Choice: Left arm

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