Arashi Narukami intimate event stairs
"When I look in the mirror, I sigh at my own good looks... ♪"
Location: Stairs
Area Touched Response Result
Chest "Oh dear, what's wrong? Is there something bothering you?" OK
Head "Oh dear oh dear, I wonder if you're madly in love with my charm too♪ Happy
Arms Good
Best Choice: Head

Arashi Narukami Intimate Garden Terrace
"Fufu, having lunch alone with transfer student-chan? I'm so happy......♪"
Location: Garden Terrace
Area Touched Response Result
Head Good
Chest Do not hold back so much, come over here♪ Happy
Arms OK
Best Choice: Chest

Arashi Narukami Intimate Kitchen
"Oh, is this a meal you made yourself? What enthusiasm to hand-make food by yourself!"
Location: Kitchen
Area Touched Response Result
Head "If you also take your skin into consideration, making it yourself would be important..." Good
Chest OK
Arms "I don't cook, but I have a lot of fun just to watching you do it♪" Happy
Best Choice: Arms

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