Adonis Otogari Intimidate Kitchen
"It's just like a restaurant, like a hotel. There are abundant ingredients, and even just looking at them is interesting."
Location: Kitchen
Area Touched Response Result
Sleeve ....My skill at cooking? I'm not that good at it, but I make my own food. Happy
Best Choice: Sleeve

Adonis Intimate Event
"Looking at you closely, you look delicate and small."
Area Touched Response Result
Sleeve Hm...! I suppose I had quite an amount of physical strength when I was your age. Happy
Head まだ伸びる余地はある、か。そうだな、期待している。 Good
Chest どんなに踏ん張ってもおまえの腕力では、俺を動かせないな。 OK
Best Choice: Sleeve

Adonis Otogari intimate event kitchen
"I'm cutting and separating the banana with scissors. It'll be dangerous if you come close me."
Location: Kitchen
Area Touched Response Result
Crossed Arms/Shoulder You're saying that I'm skilled with these sorts of tools? I'm just used to doing things like this. Happy
Chest いくつほしい? 何なら、全部やろう。・・・・・・そんなに食べられないか? Good
Head ・・・・・・っ! やめろ。おまえに怪我をさせるわけにはいかない。 OK
Best Choice: Crossed Arms/Shoulder

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