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  • Event at Makuhari Messe, April 15th. Tickets for Enstars players go up 3/8 noon.[1]
  • The two year anniversary commemorative movie shown at the 2nd anniversary event will be posted on Twitter at 3PM JST. It will also be made available on the game website.

Anniversary Scouting

2nd Anniversary Scout Banner
Start: 4/28/2017
End: 5/22/2017

The Anniversary Scout this year is 3 free 10-rolls (You get to roll ONCE a day on 3 days of your choice) during the campaign.

  • The errors related to the campaign have been fixed. Those who were affected by it will receive another free 10-roll to compensate for the one they missed.
  • The campaign was extended by one day due to server errors and a maintenance on May 16th.

Login Bonuses

Start: 4/28/2017 4:00 JST
End: 6/5/2017 03:59 JST

Character Special Messages Audio
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Anniversary
Eichi Tenshouin ✫ 4/28/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"Aiming for even more prosperity, I wish for you,
together with the idols, to walk on towards higher places......♪"

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Anniversary Login
Wataru Hibiki 2nd Anniversary
Wataru Hibiki ✫ 4/29/17
Reward:Producer Point mini× 1,000 Producer Points

"Fufufu! You are lively enough to overshadow me, yes?!
I can't afford to lose in this, either...☆"

Wataru Hibiki 2nd Anniversary Login
Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd Anniversary
Yuzuru Fushimi ✫ 4/30/17
Reward: Red Square Gem × 5 Red Medium Gems

"You are always looking after our young master.
Please continue to look after him from now on as well."

Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd Anniversary Login
Tori Himemiya 2nd Anniversary
Tori Himemiya ✫ 5/1/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"Thanks for always working so hard.
Just for today, I can massage your shoulders for you ♪"

Tori Himemiya 2nd Anniversary Login
Rei Sakuma 2nd Anniversary
Rei Sakuma ✫ 5/2/17
Reward: Konpeitou × 3 Konpeito

"You have been energetic since the day, have you not...?
I awoke because it was so lively but... it is a dazzling sight."

Rei Sakuma 2nd Anniversary Login
Kaoru Hakaze 2nd Anniversary
Kaoru Hakaze ✫ 5/3/17
Reward: Blue Square Gem × 5 Blue Medium Gems

"Dandelion-chan you seem energetic, don't you? ♪
Eh? Why "Dandelion"? Because, you give off a spring-like feel, you know."

Kaoru Hakaze 2nd Anniversary Login
Koga Oogami 2nd Anniversary
Koga Oogami ✫ 5/4/17
Reward: Yellow Square Gem × 5 Yellow Medium Gems

"Hoh, what is it?
You're makin' a face that's way too lively, ya know?
Are you thinkin' you'll compete with me......?"

Koga Oogami 2nd Anniversary Login
Adonis Otogari 2nd Anniversary
Adonis Otogari ✫ 5/5/17
Reward: Sweat star sports drink × 1 Sports Drink

"You seem lively lately, don't you?
But both you and me in the middle of our paths......
let's work hard together from now on too."

Adonis Otogari 2nd Anniversary Login
Keito Hasumi 2nd Anniversary
Keito Hasumi ✫ 5/6/17
Reward: Red Star Gem × 2 Red Large Gems

"If you're going to be far too festive, you won't put your all into your work anymore but... Well, it's fine just for today, I suppose."

Keito Hasumi 2nd Anniversary Login
Kuro Kiryu 2nd Anniversary
Kuro Kiryu ✫ 5/7/17
Reward: Blue Star Gem × 2 Blue Large Gems

"Yo, little miss. It's lively all over the place, isn't it?
This kinda thing's fine once in a while, y'know ♪"

Kuro Kiryu 2nd Anniversary Login
Souma Kanzaki 2nd Anniversary
Souma Kanzaki ✫ 5/8/17
Reward: Yellow Star Gem × 2 Yellow Large Gems

"It is valuable to continually improve day by day.
In order to progress even further, let us both devote our efforts hereafter as well."

Souma Kanzaki 2nd Anniversary Login
Nazuna Nito 2nd Anniversary
Nazuna Nito ✫ 5/9/17
Reward: Konpeitou × 3 Konpeito

"Having energy is a good thing!
Everyone's also getting psyched up and all, and asked you produce for us today, too ♪"

Nazuna Nito 2nd Anniversary Login
Tomoya Mashiro 2nd Anniversary
Tomoya Mashiro ✫ 5/10/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"It's somewhat lively, even more than usual, huh......?
Me too, I'm feeling restless but......♪"

Tomoya Mashiro 2nd Anniversary Login
Mitsuru Tenma 2nd Anniversary
Mitsuru Tenma ✫ 5/11/17
Reward: Red Square Gem × 5 Red Medium Gems

"Ne~chan, thanks for everything.
Let's have fun and dash together from here on out too! ☆"

Mitsuru Tenma 2nd Anniversary Login
Hajime Shino 2nd Anniversary
Hajime Shino ✫ 5/12/17
Reward: Blue Square Gem × 5 Blue Medium Gems

"Thank you very much for everything ♪
Me too, I'll really do my best even more and more!"

Hajime Shino 2nd Anniversary Login
Hinata Aoi 2nd Anniversary
Hinata Aoi ✫ 5/13/17
Reward: Yellow Square Gem × 5 Yellow Medium Gems

"Heeheehee, it's also thanks to you that we can have fun every day you know~"

Hinata Aoi 2nd Anniversary Login
Yuta Aoi 2nd Anniversary
Yuta Aoi ✫ 5/14/17
Reward:Producer Point mini× 1,000 Producer Points

"Thanks for your hard work~
Aniki always pushes you around and causes trouble, doesn't he?"

Yuta Aoi 2nd Anniversary Login
Leo Tsukinaga 2nd Anniversary
Leo Tsukinaga ✫ 5/15/17
Reward: Red Star Gem × 2 Red Large Gems

"Ahh, the anniversary, huh?
If it's a happy sort of thing, I'll write a song for it~♪"

Leo Tsukinaga 2nd Anniversary Login
Ritsu Sakuma 2nd Anniversary
Ritsu Sakuma ✫ 5/16/17
Reward: Sweat star sports drink × 1 Sports Drink

"Huhh~ what? Is it a fun thing that it's gotten warmer?
I become way sleepier......"

Ritsu Sakuma 2nd Anniversary Login
Arashi Narukami 2nd Anniversary
Arashi Narukami ✫ 5/17/17
Reward: Blue Star Gem × 2 Blue Large Gems

"It's a joy to have a fun thing, isn't it?
Oh my my, it's a joy even if you're with me?
...... Oneechan's heart is thumping."

Arashi Narukami 2nd Anniversary Login
Izumi Sena 2nd Anniversary
Izumi Sena ✫ 5/18/17
Reward: Yellow Star Gem × 2 Yellow Large Gems

"What's with that face?
Being all festive, you're happy-go-lucky, aren't you?
Well, everyone's making the same face, though."

Izumi Sena 2nd Anniversary Login
Tsukasa Suou 2nd Anniversary
Tsukasa Suou ✫ 5/19/17
Reward: Konpeitou × 3 Konpeito

"With the people that are cheering me on,
and being supported by you, Oneesama,
I feel that I am who I am now ♪"

Tsukasa Suou 2nd Anniversary Login
Chiaki Morisawa 2nd Anniversary
Chiaki Morisawa ✫ 5/20/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"Oh, what is it, what is it?
You like fun things too, don't you?
It's fine to frolic about even more ☆"

Chiaki Morisawa 2nd Anniversary Login
Kanata Shinkai 2nd Anniversary
Kanata Shinkai ✫ 5/21/17
Reward:Producer Point mini× 1,000 Producer Points

"You seem happy, don't you~? Being happy is the best of all ♪ "Swim" together with me...?"

Kanata Shinkai 2nd Anniversary Login
Tetora Nagumo 2nd Anniversary
Tetora Nagumo ✫ 5/22/17
Reward: Red Square Gem × 5 Red Medium Gems

"Everyday, I look forward to being able to meet you since morning ♪ Lessons, plea~se!"

Tetora Nagumo 2nd Anniversary Login
Shinobu Sengoku 2nd Anniversary
Shinobu Sengoku ✫ 5/23/17
Reward:Sweat star sports drink × 1 Sports Drink

"Fufufu, I am not good with crowds, but I do like celebrations you know~"

Shinobu Sengoku 2nd Anniversary Login
Midori Takamine 2nd Anniversary
Midori Takamine ✫ 5/24/17
Reward: Konpeitou × 3 Konpeito

"Haa...... It'd be nice if the academy became a little more calm and quiet, and yet, it's getting even livelier......"

Midori Takamine 2nd Anniversary Login
Shu Itsuki 2nd Anniversary
Shu Itsuki ✫ 5/25/17
Reward: Producer Point mini × 1,000 Producer Points

"What is this commotion!? Honestly, it isn't elegant. You too, at the very least, please straighten your back more."

Shu Itsuki 2nd Anniversary Login
Mika Kagehira 2nd Anniversary
Mika Kagehira ✫ 5/26/17
Reward: Blue Square Gem × 5 Blue Medium Gems

"It's super lively, I'm all fidgety. But I like happy occasions an' all, it's better to celebrate with everyone, y'know?"

Mika Kagehira 2nd Anniversary Login
Natsume Sakasaki 2nd Anniversary
Natsume Sakasaki ✫ 5/27/17
Reward: Yellow Square Gem × 5 Yellow Medium Gems

"Such happy-looking expressions, aren't THEY? Even I want everyone to continue to be like THAT ♪"

Natsume Sakasaki 2nd Anniversary Login
Sora Harukawa 2nd Anniversary
Sora Harukawa ✫ 5/28/17
Reward: Red Star Gem × 2 Red Large Gems

"Everyone's warm colors, being cheerful! I'm getting all cheered up too! I wanna make today a good day too~ ♪"

Sora Harukawa 2nd Anniversary Login
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Anniversary
Tsumugi Aoba ✫ 5/29/17
Reward: Blue Star Gem × 2 Blue Large Gems

"Ahaha, the anniversary, hm? As expected, it's exciting, isn't it......? ♪ I like fun things too, you know."

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Anniversary Login
Jin Sagami 2nd Anniversary
Jin Sagami ✫ 5/30/17
Reward: Yellow Star Gem × 2 Yellow Large Gems

"If you're tired, you can come to the infirmary~ Well, I'm not always there, however..."

Jin Sagami 2nd Anniversary Login
Akiomi Kunugi 2nd Anniversary
Akiomi Kunugi ✫ 5/31/17
Reward:Red Square Gem × 5 Red Medium Gems

"If there is anything you don't understand, please don't hesitate to ask us faculty members."

Akiomi Kunugi 2nd Anniversary Login
Hokuto Hidaka 2nd Anniversary
Hokuto Hidaka ✫ 6/1/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"Thanks for everything. I feel that it's with your support that we can shine more."

Hokuto Hidaka 2nd Anniversary Login
Mao Isara 2nd Anniversary
Mao Isara ✫ 6/2/17
Reward: Blue Square Gem × 5 Blue Medium Gems

"Really, you help us out a lot, y'know? We're counting on you from here on out too ♪"

Mao Isara 2nd Anniversary Login
Makoto Yuuki 2nd Anniversary
Makoto Yuuki ✫ 6/3/17
Reward: Sweat star sports drink × 1 Sports Drink

"I also have a long way to go still, but from now on too, let's do our best and move forward together, okay!?"

Makoto Yuuki 2nd Anniversary Login
Subaru Akehoshi 2nd Anniversary
Subaru Akehoshi ✫ 6/4/17
Reward: Yellow Square Gem × 5 Yellow Medium Gems

"Yahho, yahho~☆ The academy's livelier than usual, it's super exciting, huh!?"

Subaru Akehoshi 2nd Anniversary Login
Madara Mikejima 2nd Anniversary
Madara Mikejima ✫ 6/5/17
Reward: Diamond × 5 Diamonds

"Oohh, you came you came! I wanted to see you! Mama has been waiting for you to come ♪"

Madara Mikejima 2nd Anniversary Login