Ensemble Stars!
あんさんぶるスターズ! 小説
Novel Volume 1 Cover
Volumes 4
Date Released 2015
Author Akira (日日日)
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The main plot of the novel follows the game's main story, but in the novel readers are now given insight on Anzu's thoughts, as well as more in-depth characterization of some characters.

* Every copy of the first two volumes of the novels comes with a serial code to redeem a *4 card of the unit's member of your choice. However, only a maximum of 5 codes can be redeemed for the same type of volume on one account. (For example, you can redeem 4 members of Trickstar with four copies of the Trickstar novel or 5 Hokuto cards with five different copies.) There is no expiration date as to when to redeem the novel's codes.

  • The *4 cards are available with the first two volumes of the novel. Volume 3 and Volume 4 do not come with a serial code.

Volume List

# Cover Title Release Date Summary Available Cards From Serial Code
1 Novel Volume 1 Cover Youth Concerto
Seishun no Kyousou Kyoku
11/14/2015 (Youth Concerto) Hokuto Hidaka
(Youth Concerto) Makoto Yuuki
(Youth Concerto) Mao Isara
(Youth Concerto) Subaru Akehoshi
2 Novel Volume 2 Cover Revolutionary Victory Song
Kakumeiji no Gaika
11/14/2015 (Revolutionary Victory Song) Eichi Tenshouin
(Revolutionary Victory Song) Tori Himemiya
(Revolutionary Victory Song) Wataru Hibiki
(Revolutionary Victory Song) Yuzuru Fushimi
3 Novel Volume 3 Cover Emperor's Return
Kotei no Kikan
Utagoe yo ten made todoke