Ensemble Stars!
Ensemble Stars! Manga
Date Released 2015
Artist SAYO Ichi 紗与イチ(さよいち)
Author Happy Elements K.K.
Serialized In Aria

Manga Chapter List - Magazine Issue and Release Date

  • Chapter 1 - October 2015 Issue, 28 August 2015
  • Chapter 2 - November 2015 Issue, 28 September 2015
  • Chapter 3 - December 2015 Issue, 28 October 2015
  • Chapter 4 - January 2016 Issue, 28 November 2015

4-komas (Mini Stories)

New chapter available every Wednesday! The 4-komas features units, classes and clubs in spin-off short stories.

Each chapter consists of 2-3 pages of 4-komas and some extra pages from the original manga.

  • Original Manga Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1 - Akatsuki & Knight's Situation
  • Chapter 2 - 2wink & RYUSEITAI's Situation
  • Chapter 3 - UNDEAD & Ra*bits's Situation
  • Chapter 4 - Trickster & fine's Situation
  • Chapter 5 - 3-A & 3-B's Situation
  • Chapter 6 - 2-A & 2-B's Situation
  • Chapter 7 - 1-A & 1-B's Situation
  • Chapter 8 - Broadcasting Committee & Teachers' Situation
  • Chapter 9 - Theatre Club & Tea Club 's Situation
  • Chapter 10 - Tennis Club & Trackand Field Club's Situation
  • Chapter 11 - Basketball Club & Marine Bio Club's Situation
  • Chapter 12 - Archery Club/Light Music Club/Karate Club & Ninja Association's Situation
  • Chapter 13 - RYUSEITAI & Akatsuki's Situation
  • Chapter 14 - fine & Ra*bits' Situation
  • Chapter 15 - Knights & 2winks' SItuation
  • Chapter 16 - UNDEAD & Trickstars' Situation
  • Chapter 17 - 3-A & 3-B's Situation

How to View them on the Official Websites

1st Chapter of the Manga Adaptation


How to view: Scroll all the way down below banner and the image of Trickstar, then click on "第1話を試し読み". You will be brought to the online manga viewer page. Click anywhere on the screen to bring up the options menu, click again to hide the menu. Whenever you switch tabs or programs, the screen will darken then an icon of makoto and some text will appear. Simply click anywhere on the screen to go back to reading the manga.



How to view: Click the Pink Button underneath the Chapter you would like to view, You would be brought to the online manga viewer page. Whenever you switch tabs or programs, the screen will darken then an icon of makoto and some text will appear. Simply click anywhere on the screen to go back to reading the manga.

Tip: If you enjoyed reading the 4-komas, you can help the creators by liking the comic! Simply press the " *smiley face* いいね!" orange button below the image of Trickstar on the left. (You must be logged-in to your pixiv account to do this)

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THE MANGA PAGES ANYWHERE ONLINE(eg. Tumblr, Facebook, etc). LINK PEOPLE WHO WANT TO READ IT BACK TO THEIR OFFICAL SITES. If you happen to see anyone uploading the chapters online for viewing or download please encourage the user to take it down.


Subaru and Hokuto Polaroid-Style Card

Ensemble Stars Manga Aria October 2015 Issue Animate Special Polaroid Card

Animate Special for Aria October 2015 Issue. Customers can choose between Subaru or Hokuto.

Trickstar Poster

Included in February 2016's Issue of Aria.

First Volume Bonus: Original Short Drama

An original short drama that comes with the Special Edition of the First Volume of the manga. Featuring, the members of Trickstar.

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