List of all the Templates used on the wikia
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Card Templates:
· Type: Voice - Template:Infobox Vocal
· Type: Dance - Template:Infobox Dance
· Type: Performance - Template:Infobox Performance

Card Templates with Animated Mini Chara:
· Type: Voice - Template:Infobox Vocal5
· Type: Dance - Template:Infobox Dance5
· Type: Performance - Template:Infobox Performance5

Idol Road

Idol Road Templates:
· Idol Road: 1 - Template:IdolRoad1
· Idol Road: 2 - Template:IdolRoad2
· Idol Road: 3v1 - Template:IdolRoad3v1
· Idol Road: 3v2 - Template:IdolRoad3v2
· Idol Road: 4 - Template:IdolRoad4
· Idol Road: 5 - Template:IdolRoad5

Idol Road CG:
· For Scout CG - IdolRoadSCG
· For 1CG - IdolRoadCG
· For 2CGs - IdolRoadCG2

Unit, Class and Daily Lessons

· Template:Course2: 2wink lesson
· Template:Course2v2: valkyrie lesson
· Template:Course3: akatsuki lesson
· Template:Course3v2: switch lesson
· Template:Course4: trickstar, undead, ra*bits and fine
· Template:Course4v2: mon, wed, sun, and sat course

· Template:Course5: ryuseitai lesson
· Template:Course5v2: knights lesson
· Template:Course6: 1-B, 2-A, 2-B, 3-A lesson
· Template:Course7: 3-B lesson

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