Unit Lesson
Trickstar lesson Undead lesson Knights lesson Ryuuseitai lesson
Rabbits lesson 2wink lesson Akatsuki lesson Fine lesson
Valkyrie lesson Switch lesson MaM Lesson

Class Lesson
1-A lesson 1-B lesson 2-A lesson
2-B lesson 3-A lesson 3-B lesson

Daily Course
One particular course will have an increased rate of Jewels dropping of a particular color.
Monday Trickstar

· Day: Monday Course
· Unit: Trickstar
· Jewel Type: Yellow


· Day: Tuesday Course
· Jewel Type: Red

Wednesday UNDEAD

· Day: Wednesday Course
· Unit: UNDEAD
· Jewel Type: Blue

Thursday Knights

· Day: Thursday Course
· Unit: Knights
· Jewel Type: Yellow

Friday Course

· Day: Friday Course
· Unit: 2wink, AKATSUKI
· Jewel Type: Red

Saturday Course

· Day: Saturday Course
· Unit: Ra*bits, Valkyrie
· Jewel Type: Blue

Sunday Course

· Day: Sunday Course
· Unit: fine, Switch
· Jewel Type: Blue, Red, Yellow

Birthday Course
Makoto Yuuki Birthday Course Leo Tsukinaga Birthday Course Madara Mikejima Birthday Course Shinobu Sengoku Birthday Course
Tetora Nagumo Birthday Course Subaru Akehoshi Birthday Course Sora Harukawa Birthday Course Hajime Shino Birthday Course
Koga Oogami Birthday Course Tsumugi Aoba Birthday Course Adonis Otogari Birthday Course Midori Takamine Birthday Course

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