Beginner Tasks

Beginner task

Click on the image above on the Home Page to check the list of uncompleted tasks and accept the reward for completed tasks. The accepted rewards will be sent to your Gift Box on the Home Page.

Beginner Tasks
Task Description Reward
Player Rank 3


Reach Rank 3 Diamond × 1 Diamond

Main Story 
Chapter 3

Read Chapter 3 of the Main Story Producer Point mini × 500 Producer Points
Trickstar Course


Complete Trickstar course Diamond × 1 Diamond
10x Gacha


Draw the 10-time Gacha in the Producer Point Gacha Producer Point mini × 500 Producer Points
Card Lvl 10


Have one of your cards reach Level 10 Producer Point mini × 500 Producer Points
Intimacy Rank Lvl 2


Achieve Rank 2 Intimacy Rank on a card Diamond × 1 Diamond
Idol Road


Unlock any one of Clothing, Voice, Story or Background in Idol Road Diamond × 1 Diamond
Dream Idol Festival


Win 3 times in Dream Idol Festival (PvP) Diamond × 1 Diamond

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