Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Athletics Epilogue
Location: In front of the Station
Keito Casual Render
Don’t forget your belongings, everyone. Whether you’re taking the train or walking or using other means of transport, make sure you head straight home without any stopovers.
Kuro Casual Render
Oi, oi—you the teacher in charge or something? It ain’t like we’re coming back from an excursion or anything, ya know. That personality of yours of always having something to say really hasn’t changed even after graduating, huh.
Keito Casual Render
It’s a personality that I’ve been born with. It’s not something that will change overnight.

…… I somewhat pushed myself too hard in the walkthrough for the athletics area. It would be good if I didn’t feel the effects of it tomorrow, but…

Rei Casual Render
I as well. When one ages, the muscle pains come much later. Your body will start hurting all over just as you’re about to feel relaxed, and it does make one feel cheated.
Keito Casual Render
It’s not as if the muscle pains come late because of aging. Or perhaps I should mention that Sakuma-san didn’t even participate in the walkthrough for the athletics area.

You certainly had an easy time resting under the shade…… Or so. Though I won’t complain, but for a job with plenty of exercising and then bonding with the animals on the farm—

It’s almost a waste that you spent a significant amount of that time relaxing.

Rei Casual Render
Kuku. Hasumi-kun must be the type to be hated because he is overly doting.

It’s precisely because I am adored that you decided to let it slide, and watch over me instead.

But one shouldn’t give too much affection, nor should one cast them aside. When I put my experience with Wanko to use, it was surprising how emotionally attached the rabbit became to me.

Even when it was time to leave, the rabbit was chasing after me as if it was saying “Don’t go!”

I almost ended up seriously considering bringing it home to raise because it was painful to say “bye bye”, you know.

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Ah, ya bastard! Ya called me Wanko again~ didn’t ya!? I heard it loud and clear, Sakuma-sempai!
Rei Casual Render
What sharp ears you have. Even though my hearing must have become noticeably worse…… I say, but I am jesting.

I will also do my best. So you should do your best as well, Kouga.

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Who do ya think yer speaking to? I’m gonna fire up “UNDEAD” a lot more than when you~ were around. So ya better not wear yerself out and drop dead or anything~

Not until yours truly has caught up, ya absolutely can’t. And then yours truly and Adonis will support Sakuma-sempai and the others…… ♪

Rei Casual Render
Is that so? Then with this, there is one more thing I can look forward to. It appears that you will work hard in your Idol activities as well ♪
Kaoru Casual Render
Sakuma-san. I get that you’re reluctant to part since you want to discuss about things from here on out, but we should wrap it up now.
Rei Casual Render
You do have a point. It’s not like this is the last time we’ll be able to see our beloved children, after all. Perhaps we will also meet again by some twist of fate or other.

This is our farewell for the time being. Do take care, everybody…… ♪

Kanata Casual Render
i should be going as well. souma, thank you for inviting me today

i was able to let out “stress” by “bathing” with the “ducks”

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render
I also had fun filming together with Shinkai-dono. But the fun times went by almost surprisingly too fast.

I, I wanted to speak more with Shinkai-dono.

Kanata Casual Render
souma is quite the spoilt child~ kaoru did say something, you know

he said that even though he’s “graduated”, he’ll come visit the “marine life club” as an “alumnus”

you most likely won’t have “time” to feel “lonely”. you’ll be so “busy” with “idol” activities and “club activities” that your head will spin

we weren’t even able to have a “farewell party” after all. it won’t be long at all before both kaoru and i come visit you to play, you know

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render
Is, is that so! I shall be a good boy and wait! Shinkai-dono, please take care……!
Kanata Casual Render
ufufu. “take care”~ let’s meet again soon ♪
Keito Casual Render
…… Hmm. Sakuma-san and the others have left, so why don’t we leave too.
Kuro Casual Render
Right. The filming this time was focused on the baby animals, but since it’s an interactive farm, it ain’t like it’s open for a limited time or anything.

My lil sis would probably be happy if I took her there. Even now, my phone’s wallpaper is a photo of my lil sis, ya know. Don’t you think it’d be cute if she took a photo with the animals?

Putting my cute lil sis together with the cute animals—ain’t that pretty awesome. How about you also invite your older brother to go with you, Hasumi?

Keito Casual Render
Don’t lump us in the same boat as you siblings. I can’t imagine seeing us brothers, who are old enough to know better, playing at the farm.

Although the thought of skipping work to go and play does sound nice.

We’ll also invite the both of you along when that time comes.

Even though we’ve graduated, it’s not as if we’ve lost all ties. There’s a chance that we’ll reunite at a completely different place, perhaps even by way of Anzu.

This is not the last time that we’ll meet. Our paths will intersect at some point. So I won’t say farewell. See you later.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render
Y-yes! I shall send off Hasumi-dono and everyone without crying! Please do take care, Hasumi-dono. Kiryuu-dono……!
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Ya~ know, I’ve gotten kinda hungry. I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat before heading home, but what about you~ guys?
Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render
You’re right. My sisters will annoy me if I eat at an unusual time, but my body is wanting to make up for the calories used up in the athletics.

If you also have time Anzu, do you want to come?

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render
If that is so, then we shall accompany you on your way home! It is dangerous for a female to walk alone at night.

I shall cut down those who seek harm upon Anzu-dono…… ♪

But today really was a moment of happiness. Hasumi-dono and Kiryuu-dono…… We were able to do a job together with the graduated seniors. It truly felt like a dream.

From now on, I shall continue to hold up “Akatsuki”, and Adonis-dono and Oogami-dono shall do the same for “andeddo”. We shall grow even more than before.

We shall become seniors, and be in a position to lead and instruct the underclassmen.

Anzu-dono shall also continue being a “Purodyuusaa”, no?

I have heard from Hasumi-dono that the “Purodyuusaa” course shall officially be starting. Will that not make things a lot easier for Anzu-dono than before?

We shall also lend Anzu-dono a helping hand. Let us continue to build a favourable relationship from here on out, Anzu-dono ♪

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Yeah. Let’s be close enough~ that ya can be able to tell us anything. ‘Cause Anzu and yours truly ain’t~ just work buddies or something ♪
Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render
Oogami’s right. We want you to be right beside us and laughing.

Anzu, thanks for your hard work today. Let’s both continue to give it our best tomorrow as well.

Translation: Nhi