Event story 45
Season: Spring (春)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 13 Translator: Nhi
Souma HeadAdonis HeadKoga HeadKaoru HeadRei HeadKeito HeadKanata HeadKuro Head
Translation Notes
Prologue 1
  • “Clear your mind of all mundane thoughts and even fire will be cool” is a saying that basically comes down to reaching enlightenment (aren’t all, if not most proverbs like this though?...)

Prologue 2

  • When Souma mentions how he wants them to participate to “refresh themselves”, the exact word he uses is “hashi yasume”, which literally translates over to “resting your chopsticks” or in the English equivalent, “entremets”. This is a dish that you eat in-between meals as a sort of ‘breather’ or a ‘break’ from the main course. Souma uses these terms and phrases casually because his character enjoys cooking. I only carried over the meaning, but this translation note is for your benefit (the more you know~)

Chapter 3

  • Rei calls Kouga “Wanko” as in “doggy”. Kouga often insists that he’s a “wolf”, as in “ookami” (Oogami being both the play on word and Kouga’s surname)

Chapter 5

  • Kanata’s speech is left (somewhat) unpunctuated and all in lowercase to imitate the similar feeling when reading his story in Japanese. He speaks without the use of kanji and very slowly… Reading this can distract the eyes and it ends up taking much longer to get through his lines than you'd think…

Chapter 9

  • “Boke and Tsukkomi” is a comedy duo routine that roughly translates over to the funny guy/straight guy act seen in a lot of Japanese gag humour… A Western equivalent that’s somewhat close in meaning is the wise guy/straight guy routine. The main point is to have the “boke” say something funny/witty/stupid etc. and the “tsukkomi” retorts back with common sense/puzzlement/a fed up response etc. Though it’s not limited to these types of scripts either.
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