Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Athletics Chapter 8
Location: Athletics area
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
Hmm~ We have progressed along smoothly without facing any difficulties this entire way, but it appears that that was the most difficult part of the “asurechikku eria”.

Jumping over logs with different heights, grabbing onto the “Taazan roopu” beyond that, and sliding all the way down to the other side—it seems that is it.

In the first “pointo”, the heights of the stumps were roughly the same, so I ended up clearing it with little to no trouble.

But as you can see, they are probably about half my size. To be able to clear it right away, the logs have been lined up to be neither too high nor too low.

Adonis-dono, let us settle the score here.

Somehow or other, I lost myself in the match with Adonis-dono, and it seems like I have completely left Hasumi-dono behind. Even if I look behind me, I cannot see someone of his profile.

The same goes for the “sutaffu” that were desperately chasing after us partway. Even though we came here for the sake of filming, we ended up losing our original objective!

If it is like this, then it is the same as having betrayed Hasumi-dono’s expectations!

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
I’m also partly responsible. Don’t blame yourself so much.

…… Hm. I don’t see any sign of Oogami, but the staff that were chasing after us are here, and they’re making a “Wait right there!” sort of face.

It appears that the staff we left behind will be filming Oogami and the others, and they’re saying that the rest of them will focus on filming us.

They have staff who can run fast, so it seems like there’ll be no problem if we go all out with the walkthrough for this point.

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
Eh? Are they saying that they could possibly increase viewer ratings with our earnest battle? It has worked out exceedingly for the best for us.

Hasumi-dono, I wish for you to watch me! I shall show the Hasumi-dono who told me that I could do anything if I tried—that I shall splendidly live up to your expectations…… ♪

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
(As expected, Kanzaki’s performance in anything is lovely. Even though he’s just jumping from one log to another, there’s gracefulness to it.)

(Oops. I was fascinated by Kanzaki’s movements, and couldn’t even make a start for it.)

(Though I could clear this with a run-up, if I take into account the possibility of slamming into the tall logs…… It’s probably best to follow Kanzaki’s example.)

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki CG
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
(Hmmm. Even after jumping numerous logs, Adonis-dono is already catching up to right behind me. This sense of urgency—it is almost like a “Raibu” ♪)

(I shall clear the last of these logs, and if I gallantly grasp onto the “Taazan roopu”, then the “gooru” will be right in front of me.)

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
You can see the net that’s placed beyond the Tarzan rope crossing, right?
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
Yes. It is fine to go across and land all the way on the other side as it is. But it also seems good to jump from that point, and onto the net that is roughly several steps further away.

It does say on the signboard that it is a “charenji pointo”.

It is probably normal to land after crossing over, but does not having it there mean that people with stamina to spare will aim for that “netto”?

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
Want to go for it?
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
I did think that you would say the same thing. We do get along well ♪
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari CG
Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
(Hmm. Is there a pulley attached to the Tarzan rope? If so, then I can slide off without killing my momentum.)

(But this is interesting playground equipment. It will pique the children’s curiosity, and on top of that, it won’t raise any fears since it’s a reasonable distance.)

(And of course being in the mountains, the scenery is also pleasant. As I thought, physical work suits me.)

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
…… Was it by a narrow margin? Even so, a loss is a loss. I expected nothing less. Well done, well done ♪

With this, our match should come to an end, but there are still “pointo” beyond here.

Even if this is a program introducing the “asurechikku eria”, would you not say that it feels like a new battle has just begun for us?

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
We’ve come all this way doing a walkthrough for various points, but that’s only half of it. The athletics area is surprisingly extensive.
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed
There is a riverbed nearby as well. It appears that we can have our fill of fish if we dive in and catch some. Leave the handling of the fish to me ♪

Well, it is not as if we are appearing in a cooking show. So instead of the “apiiru” of being able to cook, we should challenge the next “pointo”.

It seems like Hasumi-dono and the others are in the middle of overcoming the “pointo” that was one more behind us. Let us all go together from here on ♪

Adonis Otogari Sportswear Dialodue Render
You’re right. It’s good to have competition, but it’s also best to do the walkthrough as a team.

Aaa, I’m really looking forward to it…… ♪

Translation: Nhi