Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Athletics Chapter 3
Location: Light Music clubroom
Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Oh, Wanko and Adonis-kun are here.

Kaoru-kun is mostly absent whenever I call for a meeting, but it is a joyous occasion for all us “UNDEAD” members to gather like this.

Shall we have a toast to commemorate~ ♪

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render
I’ve been taking my duties pretty seriously lately, you know.

Ah, I’m not trying to make any excuses or anything, but I ran into Sakuma-sempai while he was on his way here—so it’s not like I was waiting for him, okay?

So don’t get jealous and say something like, “You got to come here with that vampire bastard~ I’m jealous!” okay~ Oogami-kun ♪

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Why are ya calling me out. I ain’t jealous or anything~

Oi, Adonis. Looks like they’ve come to us before we got to them. You got something to discuss with that vampire bastard~ don’t ya.

Stop fidgeting~ around—now’s yer chance!

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render
Y-yeah. But, I don’t have any nerves left to take the chance. I’m starting to think that it really is unreasonable like I thought.
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Goddammit! Is that all there is to yer~ resolve. Don’t go hesitating at the last minute~ I’ll kick yer ass, got it!?
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Now now, we mustn’t get violent. Well, Wanko’s words were a little harsh, but it simply means that he is thinking of you, Adonis-kun.

Adonis-kun. What do you have to discuss with me, I wonder. Come now, please speak your mind.

It is better to remove that which troubles you quickly. There is nothing good about holding in something like that, not in the least.

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render
The truth is, there’s an invitation from Anzu to perform in a program introducing the athletics area.

And the same for Kanzaki, he’s been invited as well…… But the recruitment information says it’s for members who have confidence in their stamina and physique.

It’s a job fitting for Kanzaki and me, but I don’t know if I can say that it’s fitting for “UNDEAD” or “Akatsuki”.

Of course, if Sakuma-sempai says no, then I will give up. I don’t want to pull everyone along with my selfishness.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Goodness me, Adonis-kun is always so modest. But having said that, it is rare for Adonis-kun to insist on wanting to do something.

As your grandpa, I want to grant you your wish, Adonis-kun.

However, “Chocolat Festival” has just ended and a job requiring stamina is a little hard on me.

“Chocolat Festival” was a full house, so my stamina has been completely depleted from preparing the chocolates and such in advance.

That hectic dream festival of dancing and singing and making chocolates has come to an end.

A job that thoroughly depletes one’s stamina, and with no time to catch one’s breath or say “heave ho~♪” will be harsh on this old man.

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Damn, don’t go getting worn out~ Ya gotta burn up some more, or have ya lost yer touch~?
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
I do not have many years left remaining. I cannot keep up with the youth who will carry on the next generation. For us elders, just drinking tea on the porch is good enough.
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Don’t try getting sympathy with that old man act~ how annoying. Jeez, we’re worrying over nothing~ The job Adonis wants to take on is after “Repayment Festival”.
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
…… If it’s after “Repayment Festival”, then it’s better to leave the focus on the second years. Don’t you think that’s also for the best, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render
Sure, why not? I’m pretty much indifferent to things like sweating and getting fired up with plenty of guts and spirit~

Seeing as Anzu-chan also asked for Adonis-kun and all.

If Adonis-kun himself is willing, then of course it’ll go much more smoothly if the person who wants to do it the most is the one working in the spotlight.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
It feels like it cannot be helped that Wanko also has a lot of excess stamina.

It shall be just right if we leave the focus on the young ones, and us elders will take a step back and watch over our grandchildren’s gallant figures.

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render
Hold on, back up a sec—could you not also lump me in with those “elders”?

I’m still bursting full of energy, you know. And Sakuma-sempai as well, for all your talk of being an old man, you haven’t aged.

Our life begins now. We’ll be thrown into the harshness of this world, but we won’t just go along with the flow. Instead, we’ll change even something like that into motivation, so we have to be strong.

Anyhow, we’ll also be participating, but don’t forget that the focus will be on Adonis-kun and Oogami-kun.

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
I don’t need~ ya to tell me that much, Hakaze…… -sempai. Actually, ya better not regret this on the day~

We’re gonna completely steal yer~ roles in the program, and make them think that the two leads from “UNDEAD” ain’t worth bothering with~

We’re gonna make them think that Adonis-kun and yours truly are the actual leads, gyahahaha ☆

Kaoru Hakaze School Dialogue Render
You sure are cheeky for a little chick, you know? But that’s fine. It’s good that you’re overflowing with that amount of fighting spirit.

Maybe I should take it easy and chat with Anzu-chan. If it’s a job through Anzu-chan, then she’ll probably even be coming to the on-site location.

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render
It’s okay to chitchat, but I also want my seniors to participate to the extent that they can.

It’s a job during the day, so I can’t put pressure on Sakuma-sempai. But there is also planning of filming at the farm after introducing the athletics program.

If it’s contact with the animals, then it won’t be a burden on Sakuma-sempai and the others.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Oh, animals you say? You also like animals, don’t you Wanko? As do I.

Especially the little ones right after being born—they’re so cute that I find myself rubbing my cheeks on them…… ♪

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
It’s okay to be affectionate, but don’t overdo it. That sorta thing causes stress on the animals, ya know.
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Hmmm. As expected of Wanko—you are knowledgeable when it comes to animals. Precisely because you are Wanko.
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Don’t make me keep saying it, but I’m a wolf, not a dog. Well, whatever. It’s been a while since I’ve had to remind ya that though?
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
I understand, you see. It is only natural that you would object to the state of being denied your way of life, and having to be restrained by a collar and chains.

Do relax, as you only have to endure for a little longer.

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Don’t go saying stuff~ that I don’t understand~ Anyway, ya all~ better take this job seriously.

It ain’t in yer nature~ to look on enviously as yours truly and the others take away the spotlight, right.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Kuku, indeed…… Aah, that is exactly right.

But back to the previous conversation, there is about a month left. While I am looking forward to it, there is a sense of fear when facing that day, and a sense of sadness.

Hmm, it is an indescribable feeling.

Translation: Nhi