Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Athletics Chapter 10
Location: Farm
(Guest Participation) Kanata Shinkai Full Render
~…… ♪

let’s use the “hose” and spray the “ducks” because they’re “so pretty”~ ♪

splish splash, bubble bubble ♪ the “ducks” are also “merry” aren’t they……?

i’ll also “bathe” in the water “together” with them~ ehehe, it feels good~ ♪

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki CG2
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Fwuah!? S-Shinkai-dono! It is okay to bathe yourself in water, but please do not drag us in as well!

I was very narrowly able to dodge being hit, and so I was able to avoid getting fully soaked from head to toe. But my clothes are wet, and it feels horrible to have it stick to my skin!

Anzu-dono, a change of clothes…… Hm, it cannot be helped if there is none.

Even if I am wet, it is this season after all. I shall probably be dry by the time the filming is over.

…… Hm? Hakaze-dono, could it be that you were too late in dodging it? There is water dripping down from your hair. If it is fine with you, I shall lend you a “tooru”.

(Service) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render
Ahaha, thanks. But my clothes are already soaked from the inside out~ I appreciate your concern though.

Oh? Anzu-chan, you’re asking if I’m okay? Are you worrying about me?

These sorts of happenings are good for the viewers, right. Even the staff are giving the thumbs up and making a happy face.

Jeez, they’re thinking it’s not their problem~

If I look at the ducks closely, they do have a charming face. Maybe I should also have fun and play with the ducks?

(Guest Participation) Kanata Shinkai Full Render
fufu. kaoru has also realised the “appeal” of “ducks”. good~ boy, good~ boy…… ♪
(Service) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render
Eeeh? Was that something worth praising over?

But you know, I don’t dislike being called a “good boy” by you, Kanata-kun. Maybe I should be obedient and let you stroke my head.

(Playful Mood) Kuro Kiryu Full Render
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Oh, Kiryuu-dono. So Kiryuu-dono has decided to handle the goats.
(Playful Mood) Kuro Kiryu Full Render
Yeah. But I didn’t mind with whatever animal I got. This little guy here started following me ‘cause he thought we were going for a walk after I put his muzzle on.

Looks like he’s taken a liking to me, but I don’t know what part of me caught his interest. It really is a mystery.

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
No no, it is because Kiryuu-dono seems like a person that would be loved by animals. It is not unusual that he has become attached to Kiryuu-dono.
(Playful Mood) Kuro Kiryu Full Render
Heh~…… Well, it isn’t bad to be loved.

Hm? Are you pestering me to walk faster? Sorry, Kanzaki. I’m gonna go do a lap around the farm.

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Fufu. Everyone is enjoying handling their animals. Anzu-dono was also “itching” to play with the animals, were you not.

Oh, look! You can experience feeding the lambs their “miruku”! How about it, Anzu-dono?

Everyone else is looking after their own animals, so it seems that they have not noticed this opening. I shall not let this chance escape…… ♪

(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
What should I do? There’s nothing but small animals around. I don’t think I’ll be able to get along with them.
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
Aah…… Kanzaki. They said that they’d film us bonding with the animals at the farm, but there isn’t any animal here I can handle.

They’re all tiny…… It seems like I’ll hurt them with only a touch. The animals also have their guards up against me or think I’m strange and won’t come over.

Oogami sure is amazing. He’s even touching those really small creatures without any fear. Animals are sensitive creatures. If you approach them while being fearful, then they’ll run away.

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
I apologise, I did not consider Adonis-dono’s feelings of insecurity.
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
You’re not at fault, Kanzaki. I’m just a coward.
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Adonis-dono, I have a suggestion, so will you hear me out? I have also spoken to Anzu-dono about it, but how about experiencing feeding “miruku” to the lambs?

It is a child so it is small, but compared to the rabbits or “guinea pigs”, it is big. It is not so fragile as to be hurt from just having Adonis-dono touch it.

(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
You’re right, if it’s a lamb, then…… But is it really okay. I feel uneasy. If there’s even a chance where I end up hurting it, then I’ll be beside myself with worry.
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Well then, I shall try giving it some “miruku” as a test. Here you go, c’mon. I shall give you milk from the bottle…… ♪
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
Wow, it’s obediently drinking the milk. It’s about as big as an armful too. If it’s like this, then maybe even I can give it some milk.
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari CG2
(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
Hmm, you’re so light. You need to eat more meat…… No, sheep are herbivores. I mustn’t give you something like meat.

You want some more? Drink a lot and grow big.

You’re so cute. I was afraid of whether I would end up hurting you or not, but animals are accepting. You’ve entrusted me with your weight, and there’s not a hint of wariness.

As expected, it’s not good to have a lack of nerves when dealing with things. If you take a step forward, then the other side will also meet you halfway.

I’ve learnt something. I’ll interact with various animals without any fear.

…… But guinea pigs are impossible. They’re far too small. With them, it’d be like skipping over the basics and jumping straight into the real thing.

Even though I finally feel up to bonding with the animals, it’ll all come to nothing.

Until I get used to it, I’ll tolerate with just sheep. No, saying it like that isn’t good. Even the lamb I’m holding seems to be crying in discontent.

(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Adonis-dono, it appears that one can experience herding the sheep amongst other things besides feeding them “miruku”.

The sheepdog is staring at us intently. The experience of herding sheep and such is special to farms, is it not.

(Fun Match) Adonis Otogari Full Render
Then is it okay to invite Oogami as well? If it’s Oogami, then he’s familiar with handling dogs. He’d definitely show us a splendid herding of sheep, don’t you think?
(Showdown with Friend) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Of course, I do not mind.

Hmm. Anzu-dono, the lambs that drank the “miruku” till their stomachs were full—are you saying that you shall return them to their pen?

Ooh, you have a lot of strength to be even carrying two lambs easily ♪

Fufu. Even without the sheepdog’s help, the sheep are coming to gather around Anzu-dono.

Anzu-dono is a girl who is loved by both people and animals.

The same for us as well. From now on, we shall be in your care, Anzu-dono…… ♪

Translation: Nhi