Event Japanese / English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting

Good morning. I'm so happy I get to meet you this early in the morniiing~

Intimacy Level 4
Morning - Topic 朝一番で話しかけてくるなんて、健気でか~わいい♪

You talking to me first thing in the morning, so admirable and cute♪

Intimacy Level - 18
Noon - Topic 1 アタシのお弁当のお気に入りは、鶏の唐揚げよォ!あなたにも分けてあ・げ・る♪

My favorite thing to have in the bento is deep-fried chicke~en~ I'll s-h-a-r-e them with you♪

Intimacy Level - 6
Noon - Topic 2 レッスンも飽きたわよねぇ、アタシとお買いものしに行かないかしら?

Lessons are so tiresome riight... won't you go shopping withi me?

Intimacy Level - 20
Evening - Topic 1 うふふっ、この学院で咲き誇る花たち、その中でもメインは勿論アタシよねぇ

Ufufuu, even among all of the blossoming flowers in this school, I'm the best right!

He actually says "I'm the main right?" as in the main character. Intimacy Level - 8
Evening - Topic 2 あらっ、ボーッとしないで、アタシに見とれてたら日が暮れちゃうわよぉ?

Araa~ Don't space out, the day you finally recognize me will come

Intimacy Level - 22
Night - Topic 1 あらあらっいけない子ねぇ、女の子がこんな時間まで何してるのかしらぁ?

Arara~ You're such a bad girl! why are you out so late, I wonder

Intimacy Level - 13
Good Night おやすみなさい、夜更かしは美容の大敵なのよぉ。また明日、お話しましょ♪

Good night, staying up late is the enemy of beauty you kno~ow. See you tomorrow, let's have a conversation until then♪

Intimacy Level - 26
Sweet Words うふふっ、アタシとハッピーなひと時を過ごしましょ

Ufufu, come spend a nice and happy time with me♪

Intimacy Level - 27
Cut-In 1 いっくわよぉ~

I'm coming~

Intimacy Level - 12
Cut-In 2 出番取らないでよねぇ

Don't take my turn, okay~

Intimacy Level - 19
Cut-In 3 とっておきよぉ

Take this!

Intimacy Level - 25
Victory 1 アラアラ、勝ったわねぇ♪

Arara~ I won♪

Intimacy Level - 7
Victory 2 み~んな、よくできましたっ♪

You did gre-eat everyoooone♪'

Intimacy Level - 14
Victory 3 アタシの美貌と、この才能に乾杯♪

Cheers to my good looks and talent♪

Intimacy Level - 21
Defeat 1 あぁん、だめねぇ…

Aaan, that's too bad...

Intimacy Level - 9
Defeat 2 皆、残念だわぁ…

That's too bad everyone...

Intimacy Level - 17
Defeat 3 アタシという美貌に神に嫉妬したのねぇ…

A beauty like me made the gods jealous, right...

Intimacy Level - 23

You're such a cute transfer student I can't take it. I need to step up my effort too♪

Intimacy Level - 3
Idol めんどくさいことはいやよぉ。でも、アタシが注目されるお仕事は好き♪

I don't like troublesome thi~ings. But, I like jobs that'll get me attention♪

Completing Arashi's Special Event in Knights Lesson
Other 1 アタシって何でもそつなくこなせちゃうし、容姿も端麗。神様に愛されてるってやつよねぇ♪

With my attractive face and figure, I can be anything without graduating. That's what you call a man who's loved by god, right♪

Intimacy Level - 11
Other 2 以前からモデルをやっていてね、でももっと色んなことしてみたくなっちゃたの

I was a model before you know, but because of that, I lost the chance to experience all sorts of things.

*Because of model work, he didn't get to do many things. Intimacy Level - 16
Other 3 貴女みたいな女の子がこんなヘンテコな学院にいるなんて、お姉ちゃん心配だわぁ

A lady-like girl being in such a weird academy like this makes onee-chan worry

Intimacy Level - 24
Praise 1 いいわよォ♪

It's okaay♪

Intimacy Level - 5
Praise 2 良い子ね♪と~っても素敵よぉ♪

Good girls are really ni~ice♪

(Owner) Arashi Narukami's Idol Road
Story Lines 1 アハン!見て見て司ちゃん、あの対戦相手の子ったら超はりきってるわよぉ♪

Ahan! Lookie lookie Tsukasa-chan, that boy from our rival team is really fired up♪

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami's Idol Road

Event Japanese / English Notes Found by:
Anytime 1
ひゃっ......! んもう、びっくりするじゃない~!

Hya......! Uuugh, don't scare me like that~!

Tapping on Arashi anytime
Anytime 2 あらあらあら、あんたもアタシの魅カにメロメロってことなのかしらァっ♪

Ara ara ara, are you also dazzled by my charm, I wonder♪

Tapping on Arashi anytime
Anytime 3 ん? どうかしたの?

Hmm? Is there something wrong?

Tapping on Arashi anytime
Anytime 4
んまァ! アタシに見とれてるのねっ♪

Mm maa! You're starting to notice me right♪

Tapping on Arashi anytime

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